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Wow it´s hot!

Come and cool off with us whether its down our new slides or swimming as a family with our Sea lions!

Tripadvisor Certificate of Excelence 2013

Thank you once again for your love and support this year 2013 we have managed to obtain the prestigious Certificate of Excellence Tripadvisor, which puts us in the select 10% of companies that have succeeded.Tripadvisor is a social platform where travelers from around the world comment and assess the various places they have visited. This makes this award very special because they are our customers who vote our park as deserving of this award, thereby rewarding our daily efforts. Rancho […]

A cute American baby bison has been born!

At Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park we are, once again celebrating! The Bison's family has had a little female who is now breeding and is in excellent health. Her mother has gestated for 280 days and will look after her for a year, as already does her father, the largest animal in the park with 1.80 meters high, almost three meters long and weights a ton.  Look at the photos and video of the bison giving birth

CEIP Parque Natural Corralejo

We visited 113 kids with their parents and teachers If anything we like in Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park is to visit us parents and children together, and if they join also to teachers of small, because they want you to say … For us it is the summum, the greatest happiness. The last pleasant surprise was the visit of 113 kids between 6 and 9 years old accompanied by 37 adults, including parents and teachers, who came from Fuerteventura to […]

Join Us

Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park is constantly growing and improving its leisure facilities for more fun and entertainment. So, if you want to join our company you can now apply by sending your cv here. We will read it carefully and confidentially.

New facilities for the Sea lions

  A new project successfully completed and launched in record time. Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park has just released new facilities with many improvements and more amenities for all. Sea lions have new suites with individual swimming pools and those who choose to swim and interact with them, will enjoy comfortable changing rooms. Everyone, visitors and animals, will benefit from more secure, hygienic and aesthetic facilities. So far all have been congratulations from visitors and the sea lions are happier in […]

TriWWW Charity Race

  Last Sunday 13/01/2013 in Gran Canaria, Anthony Fernándes Casanova was able to take part in the TriWWW Asociacion Together Reaching Ilusions World Winners Way race , due to his efforts and the enthusiasm of our colleague Tatjana Taskovic we accompanied him to fulfill his dream and finnish the race.

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Time table of the exhibitions

Time table of the exhibitions of Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park:   Macaws & Cockatoos 11.0013.3016.00   Birds of Prey 11.3014.00   Sea Lions 12.3014.30 Lasso Show "The Dakotas" 13.10