Education program of biodiversity conservation

Protection and respect for our environment:

Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park was founded in late 2002 and continues to grow with the main purpose that prompted its construction: create a dynamic center for entertainment, disclose the environment and support the recovery and rehabilitation of wildlife, contributing to the conservation and environmental and biodiversity protection.

Today ethical justification is required for maintenance of wild animals in captivity. There is no point having wild beasts on exhibition as mere entertainment, there must be reasons that are beneficial for the species of animals and their ecosystems of origin. An estimated 10% of the world population visit a zoo over a year. This makes zoos ideal platforms for public awareness about the depredations of man on the environment and, more specifically, to the youngest with educational programs and school visits. The foundation of a modern zoo are education, conservation and research.


Therefore, our three lines to follow are:



1. Information on exposed species: wild habitat and degree of threat:

The overall design of Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park and its facilities tries to promote the understanding of the environment and it´s balance, also the importance of animals as beings that are part of an ecosystem.

The enclosures are designed to similar as possible to their natural environment, meeting the needs of each species in their habitat and environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and space.

For this to be effective, it should be a concern to promote awareness and respect for the environment, which we intend through dynamic activities with educational content.

2. Educating the public about the conservation of wildlife and biodiversity:

The main idea of ​​the educational project of Rancho Texas Park has a clear message: the conservation of the environment and its inhabitants, and the interaction of man in it. Without having to enter structured activities, to explore the complex can be received and educational messages, as they are generated, in part through the sensations produced animal-enclosure sets being able to also observe the behavior and listen to the sound of some of them and ask questions with caregivers that are in place.

The educational project is broad enough to reach different age groups, backgrounds and interests.

It raises two distinct issues within the field of education: formal education segment conceived and directed the school and informal education with bio-educational content aimed at the general public.

3. Collaborations with others in education about wildlife:

Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park is in continuous contact with schools, local councils and associations Lanzarote for any kind of environmental education project, including:

ADISLAN: Handicapped Association Lanzarote.
College of Our Lady of the Volcanoes: specific special education center.
THE screened: Association of Lanzarote mentally handicapped.
HEIDI HOUSE: Norwegians Center physical and neurological disabilities.

We are at the disposal of all other groups we request proposals in the field of environmental education.