Excursions at the Park


Are you coming on a trip to Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park?


Yes. An excursion or trip is when you visit a place, like a city or museum, anywhere to learn about it, have fun and do some exercise.

You will enjoy all this and much more if you spend a day out at Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park with friends, family or workmates.

Due to the size and great variety of things to do at our park all are bound to have fun! This is the perfect place to visit to try new and different experiences: Interact with sea lions, get carried away with our breathtaking birds of prey exhibition as eagles, speedy falcons, vultures even a condor (the largest of birds) fly over your head at very low distance! Or have a laugh while our clever parrots and cockatoos entertain you with their demonstrations.

Why not go for a ride on a pony or canoeing?

Enjoy our delicious American-like meals or a menu meal at the Splash & pool area where there are pools for all ages with fun attractions and games. Or just take a walk around our wonderful gardens with a great variety of plants and enjoy the sight of lovely animals, reptiles and exotic birds, which live in recreated installations and spaces adapted as their natural habitats.

Walking around our park you will feel a relaxing atmosphere as well as having fun!