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Sealions FOX TV

Last week Nemo had some special visitors coming to see him all the way from Finland; a
fabulous crew from Fox Tv that have spent the last month and a half traveling around Spain
and the Canary Islands for their Travel Program “Maisan ja Nikon Luxsus Matkat” (Celebrity
Luxury Vacations). Whilst in Lanzarote they couldn’t resist a visit to us here in Rancho Texas to
meet our wonderful sea lions!

By the huge smiles on their faces we can tell they had a great time and we can’t wait to see the
program that will be aired in October 2016.
When talking to the charming Maisan and Nikon, they told us they had loved travelling the
Canary Islands and couldn’t decide which island was their favourite!

Even with their busy schedule they were still full of smiles and a lovely presence to have in the
park. Thank you all for your interesting visit, we hope to see you back in the Canary Islands
soon, until then; “Bon Voyage!”

Sealions FOX TV