In the first of his trips Gulliver is shipwrecked in a land where everything and all its inhabitants measured one-twelfth of that in the world we know. Their houses, and its flora and fauna, have a proportional size. It is the island of Lilliput and proves to be a place where the people are honest and fear God’s punishment; ingratitude considered a capital crime and fraud is a felony theft. Considered a utopia, Gulliver is forced to protect everything and everyone acting therefore as an invincible giant.



“In just under six inches tall natives of average height, no exact proportion in all other animals, as well as trees and plants. For example: the larger horses and oxen have four to five inches in height, the rams , inch and a half, more or less, the geese, the size of a sparrow about, and so the several gradations downwards, down to the smallest, which to my eyes were almost imperceptible. “

The Lilliput Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park leads to tranquility. Small animals can transmit peaceful moments. We should thank these animals as transport and vehicle load. Animals are valuable for offering their milk, meat, skin and coat and still trading today. We’re talking about mammals that are so familiar as rabbits, goats, donkeys or horses. A place that adults and children love to be a part of and many would like to have as pets.

Our animals in Lilliput allow interaction with the youngest ones within an environmental education program, and can see that there are differences between farm animals and wildlife animals. Through interactivity, Lilliput allows the transmission of information about the habits of these caring individuals, their needs and the importance of proper human performance to them.