10% discount sea lion interaction

Are you thinking about visiting Lanzarote and our park? We have great news for you: If you book our sea lion interaction for this month on our website you will receive a 10% discount on your purchase. Use this code LEONESPROMO *only for bookings made in advance. Offer valid from 03/01/19 to 03/31/19

Halloween 2018 RANCHO TEXAS

The only word that can define our Halloween 2018 party is: WOW! Music, dance, shows, food and tons of fun…A wicked time was had by adults and children alike at our Spooktacular night! We would like to give a special thanks to everyone who wore a spooky costume, like the Mexican skulls, vampires, werewolves, terrifying clowns, witches…it’s impossible to mention them all, everyone looked so scary! It’s obvious that without all of you this wouldn’t be possible, so we would […]

Every person who donates at least 8 kg of food products will be given a free park ticket. ?

Throughout the year we help different non-profit organisations so they can meet their objectives. The one you may know the most is the organisation that we always collaborate with during this time of the year. We are sure you already know who we are talking about, ?❤so once again we ask for your collaboration with Calor y Café, so they can continue to help people in need. To help all you have to do is come by our park on the […]

Humboldt penguins have arrived and they are here to stay!

Humboldt penguins (Spheniscus humboldti) are one of the seventeen existing penguin species. It is a type of marine bird as it has wings although it cannot fly. They are swimming experts and they spend more time in the water than on the ground. Their small legs make us believe that they are slow and clumsy whilst walking but when they are swimming and trying to escape from their predators they can reach speeds of up to 20 km per hour. […]

Carancho (Caracara plancus)

DESCRIPTION A bird of prey, measuring between 55 and 60 cm long. Its crest on the top of its head is blackish in colour, the rest of its body greyish, with a white neck, back and chest with wide brown and greyish white stripes. In flight you can see its wing patch, which is clear, with a whitish tail ending with a black band. The skin on the face is bare, a typical trait of the scavengers.   DISTRIBUTION AND […]

Today is Reptile Awareness day!

This day is not only created for reptile lovers to celebrate, it’s also a chance to educate others who may not know much about these amazing creatures, the habitat loss and threat of extinction that so many reptile species face. How to help our reptile friends: Donate to your local reptile conservation program. Adopt responsibly, not all reptiles stay small forever! Visit your local zoo and check out their reptile exhibit.

Rhinoceros iguanas have reproduced naturally in our outdoor installations located in Lanzarote.

In Rancho Texas’s reptilarium a pair of Cyclura cornuta, also known as horned ground iguana or rhinoceros has reproduced in a completely natural way outside of its place of origin, Hispaniola, a Caribbean Island shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti. This is an undocumented event in Europe. Until now, out of three attempts, twelve offspring have hatched, all without them being artificially incubated. What’s important about this fact is that this species is at high risk of extinction, to […]

Delfines en Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park - Dolphins

It’s been a week now since four dolphins have been living with us

Last Saturday the 26th of November four specimens of bottlenose dolphins arrived to Lanzarote, from Duisburg and Nuremberg (Germany), which were successfully transported in a specially equipped transport airplane in the company of a team of veterinarians, biologists and caregivers. Their acclimatization to the new facilities built for them is satisfactory in every way. Their health is optimum, they feed normally and thoroughly enjoy the seven million litres of seawater that fill the spacious and deep pools of their new home. […]

The Pot-bellied pig, Sus scrofa

DESCRIPTION They are very smart animals, it is possible to tame them like a dog, and they can also be very stubborn creatures. The pig (Sus scrofa domestica) is a species of artiodactyl mammal from the family Suidae. It is a domestic animal used in the human diet by many people. Its scientific name is Sus scrofa domestic, although some authors call it their Sus domesticus or their Sus domestic, reserving Sus scrofa the wild boar. Its domestication began in […]

Armadillos|Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park

Do you believe in miracles?

Here in RanchoTexas we have our own baby miracle. One of our armadillos had complications in birth and one of the hind paws and tail were damaged. Its survival rates were scarily low but our team fought for him, believed in him and were determined that he was strong enough to survive his accident… After repairing his foot that was attached by barely a thread of skin, lots of delicate care and cleaning, love and cuddles… He didn’t disappoint us […]