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Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park is constantly growing and improving its leisure facilities for more fun and entertainment. So, if you want to join our company you can now apply by sending your cv here. We will read it carefully and confidentially.

New facilities for the Sea lions

  A new project successfully completed and launched in record time. Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park has just released new facilities with many improvements and more amenities for all. Sea lions have new suites with individual swimming pools and those who choose to swim and interact with them, will enjoy comfortable changing rooms. Everyone, visitors and animals, will benefit from more secure, hygienic and aesthetic facilities. So far all have been congratulations from visitors and the sea lions are happier in […]

TriWWW Charity Race

  Last Sunday 13/01/2013 in Gran Canaria, Anthony Fernándes Casanova was able to take part in the TriWWW Asociacion Together Reaching Ilusions World Winners Way race , due to his efforts and the enthusiasm of our colleague Tatjana Taskovic we accompanied him to fulfill his dream and finnish the race.

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Time table of the exhibitions

Time table of the exhibitions of Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park:   Macaws & Cockatoos 11.0013.3016.00   Birds of Prey 11.3014.00   Sea Lions 12.3014.30 Lasso Show "The Dakotas" 13.10    

Wildhorse Saloon

To have lunch in a relaxed atmosphere with the taste of the Far West and to enjoy our famous BBQ you may visit… A restaurant where group lunches may also be organized.

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American Bison, Bison bison

The American Bison (Bison bison), also commonly known as American Buffalo, is a bovine mammal which once inhabited the grasslands of North Mexico, the United States and Canada in massive herds, ranging from the Great Slave Lake in the far north of Canada to Mexico and from eastern Oregon to the Appalachian Mountains. There are two subspecies of the American Bison: the Plains Bison (B.b.bison) and the Wood Bison (B. b. athabascae) in Canada. Main characteristics The American Bison have […]

Appaloosa, Equus caballus

The Appaloosa is a horse breed. The colour pattern that distinguishes the Appaloosa from other horses is of genetic origin and relates them directly to primitive horses. The earliest evidence of horses with a spotted coat pattern is from the cave paintings dating from more than 20.000 years ago. In ancient Persia, horses with this coat where highly appreciated and considered “the sacred horses of Nissea”. In China, the presence of horses with spotted coat was discovered around 100 BC. With […]

Six-Banded Armadillo, Euphractus sexcinctus

Edentulous mammal with dorsal armour, formed of overlapping scales which are organized in transversal lines. The armadillo has a large tail and short legs. The members of the Dasypodidae family have received different names, the most common is “armadillo”; they are also known as (sometimes depending on the species) “quirquincho” (from the Quechuan word “khirkinchu”), “cusuco”, “pichi” (in Chile), “mulita”, “tatú”, “gurre”, “cachicamo”, “toche”, “pirca” (“furry” in Argentina) or “cachicamo” in Venezuela. The most common species is the Nine-Banded Armadillo, […]