Park Services






We have lockers available for your personal objects in the Souvenir shop. To use this service you must pay 3€ and leave a deposit of 5€ which will be refunded when returning the keys.






Wheelchairs and Access for Disabled Visitors

For disabled clients we have a free wheelchair service, whilst there are wheelchairs available. This object may be collected in the Souvenir shop by filling in a utility form and will be returned to the same point of collection.






Lost and Found

If you seem to have lost something during your visit in the park, don’t hesitate to pass by the main entry where we shall take your contact information to call you in case of finding said object.






Customer Service

In the Sheriff’s office situated in the main entrance of the park you can find these services:

  • Tickets for a Second Visit
  • Tickets for the Country Night
  • Sea Lion Interaction booking and availability
  • Timetables of the Exhibitions
  • Lost Objects
  • Lost People
  • Timetables for the bus service
  • General Information






Bathrooms and Changing Rooms

Dotted around the park there are five restrooms available: In the entrance, changing area in the Splash Zone, the Pool Bar, Fast Food and in the Restaurant. Restrooms have the following:

Entrance Restrooms: Toilets with wheelchair access, baby changing station.

Changing Room: Toilets, changing rooms with wheelchair access.

Pool Bar Area: Toilets with wheelchair access, baby changing stations in both ladies and gents bathrooms.

FastFood: Toilets with wheelchair access, baby changing station.

Restaurant: Toilets, baby changing station in ladies room.






First Aid

We have two First Aid medical kits: One is located in the Splash Zone and the other in the Restaurant. In case of Emergency please find said points or let one of our members of staff know and we can help you.







Photos and Videos are allowed inside the park unless indicated otherwise by a sign or member of staff. If you wish to take home a souvenir of the exhibitions please use our photo service that will take place at the show points indicated on the map before or after the exhibitions. You may locate these photos in the Souvenir shop at the exit of the park and can purchase said photo at the cost of 5€ per photo.






Splash Zone

Located in the Splash Zone you shall find:

  • Toilets
  • Showers and changing areas
  • Lockers
  • Pool Bar
  • Souvenir shop (main souvenir shop located by the exit)
  • First Aid (defibrillator available)





Baby Buggy Parking

We have special areas available, indicated in the Fast Food zone and by the shows to park your prams.