White-tailed Hawk, Buteo albicaudatus

The White-tailed Hawk (Buteo albicaudatus) is a large bird of prey found across the Americas. The White-tailed Hawk can be found anywhere from southern Texas to central Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. For habitat it prefers open or semi-open regions with low vegetation up to 1000m, although it has been observed in habitats as high as 2400m.Gavilán de Cola Blanca

Main characteristics

The White-tailed Hawk feeds on small mammals, reptiles and birds. Sometimes, when fields are burnt, it gets close to the borders in order to catch the animals which try to escape the fire. It averages 48 to 58cm in length, with the females being bigger than the males. In many parts of America, the species is known as “Gavilán de Cola Blanca”, “Águila Cola Blanca”, “Aguililla Coliblanca”, “Aguilucho Alas Largas”, “Aguilucho Cabeza Negra”, “Busardo de Cola Blanca”, “Busardo Coliblanco” or “Gavilán Tejé”. It’s Portuguese name is “Gavião-de-rabo-barrado”.

White-tailed hawk, Buteo albicaudatus

How are they? Diurnal raptors. Adult birds are grey above and white below and on the rump, with faint ale grey or rufous barring. The short tail is white. They can reach up to 60cm of length, with the females being bigger than the males.
Where do they live? In areas with low vegetation. They usually live on farmland, savannahs, open areas, tree plantations and lowlands with many trees.
How is the species geographically distributed? From southern Texas to Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.
What do they feed on? Small mammals, reptiles and birds.