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Carancho (Caracara plancus)

DESCRIPTION A bird of prey, measuring between 55 and 60 cm long. Its crest on the top of its head is blackish in colour, the rest of its body greyish, with a white neck, back and chest with wide brown and greyish white stripes. In flight you can see its wing patch, which is clear, with a whitish tail ending with a black band. The skin on the face is bare, a typical trait of the scavengers.   DISTRIBUTION AND […]

The Pot-bellied pig, Sus scrofa

DESCRIPTION They are very smart animals, it is possible to tame them like a dog, and they can also be very stubborn creatures. The pig (Sus scrofa domestica) is a species of artiodactyl mammal from the family Suidae. It is a domestic animal used in the human diet by many people. Its scientific name is Sus scrofa domestic, although some authors call it their Sus domesticus or their Sus domestic, reserving Sus scrofa the wild boar. Its domestication began in […]

Dwarf donkey (Equus africanus asinus)

HISTORY These miniature donkeys are a breed of donkey originating in the Mediterranean, this breed existed especially in the Mediterranean islands such as Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, Malta, Menorca, and it is not known exactly how far and to what parts this race extend to, today it is almost impossible to find them in their place of origin, except in some reserves that exist for this purpose.   They were formerly used to transport the water from the wells and to […]

Condor of the Andes, Vulture Gryphus

INTRODUCTION The Andean Condor, or Condor as it is called in South America, is a large bird, found among birds of flight in the higher dimensions of our days. This condor is one of the South American vulture species, or also named the vulture of the new world. The old world vultures have evolved from different ancestors from different parts of the world, though both are similar in appearance, and have similar ecological roles, there is a difference in the […]

Tigre blanco - Rancho Texas - Lanzarote Park-min

White Tiger, Panthera tigris

The tiger is the largest member of the Felidae family, reaching up to 3 meters in total length and weighing up to 300kg. Tigers are carnivore animals. Though native to the north of Siberia, we will also find tigers in the warm tropic forests of India. Their normal coat colour is orange, but two colour variations are known: black and completely white. These three phenotypes share the pattern of stripes, which is unique to each animal, much in the same […]