Discover an immersive space, equipped with the latest technology, that will take the visitor to the beginning of time, about 35 million years ago when underwater volcanoes built the foundation of the islands.

For educational and entertainment purposes, the new space recreates the interior of a volcanic cave and underwater life, with content defined by Biology and Geology professionals from the University of Las Palmas. Inside the cave, different sensory experiences will be lived thanks to a thematic audiovisual project that manages to immerse the visitor in the seabed of the islands alongside species that inhabited these waters millions of years ago.

By combining several cutting-edge technologies, the Environmental Cave creates a unique system that allows the space to tell different stories. As the visitor travels the route, large-format 4K projections, supports adapted to the space, light effects, surround sound systems and computerized mechanical systems, create experiences in real time, with interactive booths that delve deeper into the visual information that is presented.

The visitor will go through several rooms with different themes, taking a journey of millions of years to observe the deep sea and its species, as well as the outcropping of volcanoes that explain how it all began. In the Environmental Cave we find images that will awaken our conscience and lead us to reflect on the dimension of our existence in relation to the universe.

It is, without a doubt, a new and unique space in Europe, in which much of the content is generated in real time. It is a living classroom that transmits knowledge and brings the viewer closer to a scientific field in an entertaining way. With this objective, Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park has assumed the difficulty of achieving a balance between teaching and entertainment and converting both parts into spectacle, with the adaptation of a script with informative content. Finally, in this project we have achieved a perfect harmony orchestrated by powerful software and hardware equipment.

New technologies and environmental criteria mark the initiative launched by Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park on its path to designing the conservation, research and education center for species of the future. An objective that involves achieving facilities in line with this idea, which make it possible for the general public, children and students in particular, to have the opportunity to approach knowledge of the environment in a pleasant way.