A committed space to the care of our dolphins and the protection of our oceans, with educational programs to raise awareness about the importance of protecting marine ecosystems


Opened in 2019, our penguinarium is inspired by the landscape of El Golfo (Yaiza, Lanzarote). Its facilities have a warm climate, suitable for housing our Humboldt Penguins

Environmental Cave

Our blend of nature and the latest interactive technology. Immerse yourself in stunning projections, learn about the formation of the Canary Islands, marine life, and the importance of conserving the oceans. An educational and exciting experience for all!


In a tiny world like Lilliput, animals such as deer, flamingos, donkeys and otters live in a charming environment, where beauty is found in the smallest details

Aqua Rancho

Discover our aquatic area where you can find wild slides and refreshing pools, immerse yourself in the fun and create unforgettable memories in our desert oasis

The Indian Lagoon

The Indian Lagoon is an oasis of serenity and natural beauty, surrounded by vegetation and caressed by warm breezes. For the Indians, it is a sacred place where the connection with the land is honored and the spirit is renewed in communion with nature

Gold mine

The gold mine was a place of mystery and sacrifice, where wealth was sought among the shadows of the earth. With skillful hands the bowels of the earth were explored in search of the golden glow. Get to know our mine and try to find your gold!


In our reptile room, visitors will be able to meet all our species and explore their fascinating world, learning about their diversity and their crucial role in ecosystems, thus cultivating a deep respect for these magnificent inhabitants of the reptilian world

Shaman’s Cave

The Shaman’s Cave takes us to see paintings of indigenous shamans that represent different scenes of rituals and hunting, connecting the earthly world with the spiritual world

The sundial

Our sundial captures the dance of sunlight over carefully drawn lines to show us what time of day it is. The shadow that slides over them reveals the time with the charm of the ancient and the natural