In the first of his voyages Gulliver is shipwrecked in a land in which everything and all its inhabitants are one twelfth the size of the world we know. Its houses, and also its flora and fauna, have a proportional size, it is the island of Lilliput. In the mysterious land of Lilliput, live a fascinating variety of tiny creatures that seem straight out of fairy tales. These animals, adapted to a miniature world, have surprising characteristics that make them unique in their species.

In Lilliput, rabbits frolic among coin-sized mushrooms, while deer gracefully hop among small ferns. Ponies trot gracefully across hand-sized meadows, while pygmy donkeys explore trails and otters glide between thin rocks.

The Lilliput of Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park takes us to tranquility. The small animals manage to evoke moments of peace experienced with these specimens so closely linked to human beings. We are talking about mammals that are as familiar to us as rabbits, goats, donkeys or horses.

Our Lilliput animals allow interaction with the smallest inhabitants of homes, teaching us that there are differences between wild life and farm animals. Through interactivity, Lilliput allows the transmission of information about the habits of these affectionate specimens, their needs and the importance of correct human behavior towards them.

The land of Lilliput is home to an astonishing variety of miniature animals, each with their own unique characteristics and adaptations to survive in this tiny but wonderful world. In this miniature world, beauty is found in small details, and wonder is revealed in the smallness of every creature and every corner of this enchanting environment